Homera joins Champions 12.3 movement against food waste

Puerto Rico based Homera has become the latest company to join Champions 12.3, the leading global movement fighting food waste around the world. Homera works with healthy, sustainable food brands in Latin America, as well as offering consulting services to spread sustainable best practices among small and mid-size businesses throughout the region. The company joined the movement's Friends of Champions 12.3 arm.

"We are so honored to join Champions 12.3 and will do everything within our reach to promote the movement across the Americas from our base in San Juan, which is strategically located right in the middle of the hemisphere," said Homera co-founder and partner Bob Hoffman, leader of the company's food unit.

For her part, fellow co-founder and partner Patsy Ramirez-Arroyo, who leads the sustainability management group, highlighted the role Champions 12.3 can play in all food-related businesses. "This is one of the major reasons we were looking forward to joining, because there are so many ways companies throughout the Americas can slash their food waste across the entire lifecycle from farm to fork."

And that is, indeed, the focus of the Champions 12.3 movement. Formed in late 2015, the initiative is an offshoot of the United Nations decision earlier that year to pursue 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Goal 12 seeks to "ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns," and the third target within that goal, or 12.3, calls for cutting in half the per capita food waste generated globally at the retail and consumer level, including food losses along production and supply chains and post-harvest losses, all by 2030.

Globally, food waste now costs more than $1 trillion and accounts for nearly 10% of total greenhouse emissions, according to the UN.

Champions 12.3 was launched by a coalition of 30 government ministers, NGO leaders, and corporate CEOs, the original champions, and they have since been joined by other senior level leaders and a group of Friends of Champions 12.3, which consists of companies and organizations that join to spread the movement in their regional and industry circles.

Champions 12.3 is designed to inspire far greater ambition and mobilize action, both through the organization's own initiatives as well as those launched separately by entities around the world.

To that end, "we will be approaching and working closely both with current members of Champions 12.3 and with others active in the space who may want to join forces to scale everyone's efforts," added Hoffman.

"It's win-win-win," concluded Ramirez-Arroyo. "By reducing food waste, we save money, are able to feed more people and reduce hunger, and we slash carbon emissions at the same time."