Just out: your free HVC Sustainability Toolkit eBook

In recent months, we've published a series of six posts on the Holistic Value Chain Sustainability Toolkit for small and midsize businesses, brought to you exclusively by Team HOMERA. Now the series is available in a handy, colorful, graphics-rich eBook for you to use, totally free of charge, simply by clicking on the button below.

Learn more about HVC's Five Building Blocks and how they can transform your business into a more profitable, greener, climate-resilient company, using techniques proven by large enterprises around the world, available now for your scale, plus new strategies assembled for the first time only here.

What to do with the Toolkit:

  1. Assign it to a team or delegate it to a leader in the company for him/her/them to design the best way to execute the each Building Block.
  2. If you believe coaching on our part would add value, bring us in. We have an assessment, training and performance program ready to go.
  3. If your company has multiple units, facilities and locations, cascade HVC across all of them.
  4. Finally, sustain the effort with periodic follow-ups and reviews.

This is your chance. Why should global corporations be the main ones profiting from this revolution? The time has come to democratize sustainability at the leading edge by making best practices accessible to ALL.

Let's do this. Welcome to HVC Sustainability!