Food brokerage, consulting and territory management

As a leading brokerage company for natural & organic food brands in the Caribbean and Latin America, we have a unique view of the best opportunities for distributor selection, market opportunities and market intelligence. We are also able to provide logistical support, develop marketing programs, and track the results of these efforts. All of these factors allow our brands to maximize their opportunities and mitigate risks. Our knowledge and experience with best distribution opportunities provide our brands with the best opportunities for success.

Hand in hand with our brokerage solutions, we provide a wide range of consulting services such as market potential evaluations for new products, price and distribution reporting, sustainable viability projects, development and implementation of a sales & marketing plan for a territory, among others, all delivering effective and cost-saving ways for manufacturers to have local trade representation.

Holistic Value Chain (HVC) Sustainability

No matter your industry or size, whether you're one of our food-distribution clients or any company doing business in the Caribbean and Latin America, Homera has developed and is now rolling out, in the second half of 2017, the market's best-in-class sustainability consulting toolkit to ensure an optimal enterprise-level performance across your business.

From where you sit as a company's top executive, you know the benefits of managing each of your units and departments sustainably. Solar generates lower-cost energy, while such efficiency improvements as LED lighting, motion sensors and HVAC inverters slash your power bill further. Smart valves save water. Recycling reduces purchasing. Logistics efficiencies reduce transport expenses. We can go on, but you get the message.

Our exclusive HVC toolkit eases this process, and goes further, by integrating your entire value chain, not just internal operations. Integrate your suppliers, upstream and downstream, straight to source. Integrate your employees by making them and their families part of the process. Integrate your communities. Integrate your customers. Hence the name Holistic, because the goal is to remove every bit of expensive carbon from the entire enterprise. It is a system found only here. At Homera.